My business, High Priestess Tea Co., products are ceremoniously prepared. I’m often asked what this means. I take great care in the selection, blending, preparation, and presentation of the teas and tisanes in my collection. (For ease in reading, I will refer to both teas and tisanes as “teas” going forward.) The atmosphere or “hado” of my shop and my mindset are crucial to the overall experience and effectiveness of my products. I see my little shop as a temple where I strive to combine elements of nature, cosmos, and myself as a conduit. This is the basis of the ceremony, where I practice what I call “vigor” in the ‘crafting of my teas.

Words possess magical power to me. I strive to use them wisely, because thoughts and words affect our physical reality. When thinking about the ceremony of preparing my teas, I jotted some words in my journal: Intuition, Vibration, Correspondence, Gratitude, Organic. immediately saw “vigor” as an acronym of these words. The only problem was that the C in correspondence didn’t fit. I headed to my synonym finder. Ah. Reciprocity will do nicely. There, it was. VIGOR is how I will explain the basic concept of my ceremony.

On a book stand behind my desk is a massive and well-worn Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary. It defines vigor as a Latin derivative (vigere, to be strong) 1) active physical or mental force or strength; vitality. 2) active or healthy growth; as the vigor of a plant. 3) Intensity, force, or energy. 4) effective or binding force, validity. Perfect. Here is a brief explanation of how I use these in the production of teas. One day I will expand on each for anyone who is interested in learning more.

Vibration. As Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Through research in herbs, I learned that plants respond and reciprocate energetic frequencies. When blending teas, maintaining a high frequency energy level in the vicinity is crucial to my process so I always do this during non-brewing hours at the shop. I play specific vibrations and focus on the specific intention of the blend. When making a new blend, if I listen carefully, the herbs and teas tell me what to do.

Intention. My blends are created with specific intentions in mind. From development to brewing, it is my intent for the tea to manifest a certain response for the drinker. I like to use Magic Touch as an example of this. Magic Touch is blended to calm the mind and ease anxiety. While mixing the ingredients, I am meditating on “you are safe, you are loved, you are at peace” while listening to a calming tone of 432 hz. I believe this creates a sympathetic resonance among plant, conduit (me), and the one who drinks the tea.

Gratitude. For a plant grown on the other side of the world to reach my teacup, to me, is nothing short of a miracle. I have immense gratitude for the farmer (or nature) who tended to it and the lengthy the chain of people who processed, tested, packaged, blended, and delivered it for you to enjoy. Most of all, I appreciate the plant, who one day reached for the sun and called your name. Scientific experiments have shown that plants communicate through vibrations and respond to sound vibrations played for them. Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted experiments with water that showed vibrations and words affect water molecules. He wrote in his bestselling book “The Hidden Message in Water,” that words, particularly love and gratitude, cause water crystals to form a “unique depth and refinement, a diamond-like brilliance.” This is the concept of hado. When you combine the natural intellectual essence of plants and water and prepare them with hado, I believe the result is purely magical.

Organic. Not much explanation needed here, other than to say I only use ingredients in my teas that are certified organic from trusted suppliers. Organic for the plants, the people, the planet.

Reciprocity. In 1933, a physician by the name of Howard Leslie Cornell authored a book entitled “The Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology,” wherein he theorized the planetary influences that cause disease, afflictions, and injuries. The astroherbalist applies this theory to the planetary and elemental correspondences of herbs to formulate blends that treat the corresponding organs/systems of the body. I find this fascinating and use these concepts in my ‘craft; however, I do not practice medicine and do not consider myself an expert by any means in astroherbalism, although I continue to study. We get what we give. When using the appropriate plant to elicit a certain outcome, our bodies reciprocate. As above, so below; as below, so above.