A Candle in the Window

In dark hours we search for a light, something to help us gather our bearings and find our way. This morning as I lamented the darkness, The Voice told me "you are the light." It is our turn, beloved friends, to serve as torchbearers to those who will follow. Take care in your words and actions, because they manifest the reality of your world and others in it. Are you feeding the darkness or the light with yours?

I choose to share my light, no matter how dim and before it extinguishes, in the hope that it will spark a flame to light the path for another. I choose to be "a candle in the window on a cold, dark winter's night."

Share moments of joy, accomplishment, humanity, and humility. Remind each other of the power and beauty of the unconquerable human spirit and light our world with it. Comfort each other in times of fear, sorrow, and sickness.

The tiny lights in the sky helped our ancestors navigate their way through the world. If you are lost, look for those small lights. If you have comfort, shine your light to help another. One small star might seem insignificant, but when joined by millions, it illuminates the night.