Create An Event Horizon

Photo courtesy NASA

Think of a time when you were mesmerized by a film, performance, boutique, book, or even food. You might have felt as though you'd been "sucked in," transformed, or been captivated. Perhaps you've been so intensely attracted to an absorbed by a performance or presentation that it felt like time stopped. This is what I call the Event Horizon. You can benefit from the concept of an Event Horizon whether you are a performer, writer, business person, or politician.

Cosmologically, an Event Horizon is the border of a black hole area. The pull of the black hole, aka singularity, is so strong that an object within its Event Horizon cannot escape. Time stands still, and all objects within it are held by its static and eternal pull. The singularity commands the complete and lifelong attention of everything within its reach. Anything close to the Event Horizon gets sucked into it forever.

Here is an example of when it happened to me. It was a Rolling Stones concert at the Cotton Bowl in Texas. Mick Jagger exploded onto that stage and held that massive audience under his thumb for hours. He had total control of the space around his audience: He and his bandmates held court over a tremendous event. My seat was a football field from the stage, but I could feel charisma flying from that stage like nothing before or since. They assumed total creative control over the entire audience experience. Having been merely familiar with the Stones before that evening, I became a devoted fan.

Have you read a book that you just couldn't put down or seen a movie multiple times and enjoy it as much or more with each subsequent viewing? Do you have a favorite restaurant or shop that you return to religiously? The creators pulled you into the Even Horizon of their work. They carefully created an atmosphere rich with attraction to lure you in and keep you coming back.

The wider you want your Event Horizon to reach, the more powerful your singularity must be.

How can you become a singularity to put an audience under your command? Undeniable talent will attract an audience--once, maybe twice. You must, then, hold your audience close forever by seizing control of that space and a by adding a bit of magic to create mad loyalty to you and your work. Transform mere passersby into super fans who will remain spellbound within your Event Horizon while begging for more.