What is Magic?

mag-ic, n. [L. magice, from Gr. magike (supply techne, art), the magic art, sorcery, from magikos of the Magi from magoi, the Magi or priests of the Medes and Persians skilled in sorcery.] "Any mysterious, seemingly inexplicable, or extraordinary power of influence"

A massive Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary permanently resides on the credenza behind my writing desk, its pages yellowed and battered by time and usage. Its neighbors include Rodale's Synonym Finder, a magnifying glass, and a rotating group of other writing essentials. I call this space my "Writer's Block," because it houses my most used reference tools and is the first place I go when in search of answers or inspiration.

Many people don't "believe" in magic. I understand and accept that. Some among us need proof that magic (or whatever force is in doubt) exists. I turned to my Writer's Block for answers only to find no words to adequately describe what I know magic to be; therefore, I tried to summon the inspiration to explain to my dear friends what magic is to me and why I believe in its power.

The true magic is not pulling a rabbit out of a hat with the wave of a wand. Magic is the romance that floats between the lines of a story, the phrases in music, and the space between lovers. It is the comforting flavor of food your mother lovingly prepared (that can't be reproduced even though you've followed her recipe). It is the miracle of a dragonfly dancing on the breeze to interrupt your moment of deepest despair.

I choose to believe in magic because it feels better to celebrate rather than overlook or over analyze.

Magical technicolor movies and fairy tales give us something to aspire to, or escape from. Such feelings are the Disneyland of the universe. Human emotion is the Magic Kingdom. Wildest dreams come true, lovers and heroes emerge, and we live happily ever after.

I choose to believe in magic because without it, why else would we want to create or experience poetry, music, art, or hope to find someone to love who loves you in return?

Magic is unexpected tears, tickles, shivers, and goosebumps. It is birthday wishes and bedtime prayers. It's what causes us to forget to breathe when something wonderful or thrilling happens. It is luck, coincidence, and serendipity. It is a bolt of lightning that transforms sand into glass.

Magic transforms work into art. Not every painter is a master. Not everyone who plays an instrument is a musician. Using a pencil doesn't make you a writer. A microscope doesn't cure illness. They are merely tools used to manipulate energy to discover or create something that heals, inspires, and evokes that magical feeling.

You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic

~Once Upon A time TV Series (Hat Trick)