Activate the Subconscious

Many geniuses take only partial credit for their ideas.

Poet John Keats wrote "by chance or magic--to be, as it were, something given to me."

Most humans have a limited amount of control over the entire psyche. The conscious mind is but a small slice of what is available to us. To break creative barriers, it's necessary to access the unconscious. This is true in the creation of the arts, business, science, and philosophy. In theory, we all have access to every level of consciousness but lack the key to unlock its treasure chest of gifts.

In his 1926 book "The Art of Thought," Graham Wallas describes the process of creative thought in four steps, which he calls the Four States to Activate the Subconscious.

Preparation--consider all possibilities gather research data

Incubation--Step away, engage in another activity

Illumination--The solution will come to you...seemingly simplistic and obvious...while your mind is otherwise occupied

Verification--Was your subconscious correct in its solution?

Illumination requires patience and faith in the process. This is where muses step in and whisper to your soul. Be warned...preparation and incubation cannot be skipped or haphazard and can take many years of dedicated practice. Inspiration only comes in its own time to those who are prepared to receive its gift. It can take moments or years but when it arrives...magik.