Voodoo in the Vibe

In 1977, the Atlanta Rhythm Section's song "So Into You" described the immediate and compelling attraction to a stranger and the resulting inability to focus on anything else. What if you could attract a muse in such a way?

Albert Einstein said that “everything in life is vibration.” Nikola Tesla told us that “if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

We sometimes encounter people, places, music, and items with which we feel an immediate connection. We say such things resonate with us. Resonance is when two or more interconnected objects share the same vibrational frequency. It’s the “voodoo in the vibe.”

You could be with a friend who doesn't "get" why you like a band or brand so much. They don't feel the same attraction because they simply aren’t tuned in aren’t tuned in to that frequency.

Insects communicate with each other through vibration; however, a cicado won’t answer the call of a honey bee, and so it goes with humans. You could be in a room full of people and yet connect with only one and have an exchange that only the two of you feel. That communication wouldn’t necessarily have to be spoken, it could be completely spiritual. When you encounter another who is in tune with the same frequency, it is immediate and urgent in nature—a force neither of you can resist. Magnet and Steel. Good Vibrations. Sympathetic Resonance.

In the laws of physics, sympathetic resonance is a vibration caused by a stimulus that is at the same natural vibration as another object. The second object begins to vibrate at the same frequency although it has had no physical contact with the first object. The most common example of this is placing two tuning forks in the same vicinity and striking only one. The second tuning fork will begin to vibrate although nothing has touched it. The energy transmits through the air to find its match as if through magic.

We pick up vibrations from all around us. Sometimes those vibrations make us feel better, and they can also make us feel worse. This causes repulsion, not attraction. Typically, these people, places, or things are vibrating at a lower level than our bodies. A study by the National Institutes of Health showed that the effects of low level vibrations caused measureable stress and discomfort to those who were exposed for prolonged periods, causing physical illness. Imagine the impact a low frequency also has on our artistic development.

Higher vibrations are considered by many to be advantageous for artistic and spiritual development; however, that doesn’t mean that higher is necessarily better. Lower frequencies are just a different channel. Having said that, strengthening your vibration gives us the ability to change channels at will. Staying in a low vibrational level prevents us from knowing what’s available to us at higher stations. Think of this as the difference between the bird and the worm. The worm functions just fine in the dirt and performs an important task in maintaining the earth. A bird, however, can not only hop around on the earth, but it can also perch on branches, play in the water, and soar in the clouds. Which life is more appealing to you—being stuck on the same station all the time or the ability to move up and down the dial at will?

Everything has an energetic signature. All energy is intelligent and has a vibrational frequency and will seek its own level. What determines your vibrational level? Emotions. Diet. Environmental Toxins. Sounds. Colors. Spirituality. The list goes on for miles. We cannot control many things we encounter, but taking control of what we can will increase your vibrational frequency.

A discussion of vibrational medicine is far to extensive to adequately cover in this article, but know that you can achieve Good Vibrations through your lifestyle choices. That includes what you choose to put in your body, mind, and soul, and what you decide to reduce or eliminate from your life. Others on a similar frequency will automatically become attracted to you (and vice versa) through sympathetic resonance. It will happen quickly. Do you prefer to resonate with the worm or the bird?

After you raise your vibrational frequency, you will notice that inspiration and magic will find its way to you and into your craft. There is voodoo in the vibe.