The Magical Power of The Web

"Magic may be defined as the energetic undercurrent of the universe that is accessible from the edges of the human psyche as a force that is used to cause or create change. Natural forces are inherent within every thing that exists in our universe, and that includes you; what you do, think, say, and feel has a direct and sympathetic effect on the world around you. It affects the underlying motion of the universe, if you like. Imagine a spider's web of glistening silver that stretches beyond this world and connects all other worlds to it. This web permeates the visible and invisible worlds, existing everywhere simultaneously, and is a metaphor for the underlying current, or energy matrix, of the universe; everything is connected. The magician* knows this wisdom and consequently manipulates the web at will. Using magic, we tug at one strand of the web, causing vibrations to ripple from its source to affect the whole. The will of the magician travels along that conduit, or path, and initiates change to occur in accordance with his or her will." ~Kristoffer Hughes

Simple enough. To control a situation, you alter the course of its energy. Intention is what leads to the desired outcome. To reach your goal, set your intent on the destination--be very specific about this--and focus your efforts on the most effective path to get there.

This is what Charlotte did with her web in E.B. White's "Charlotte's Web." Her specific manipulation of the web changed the outcome of Wilbur's life.

One of the many definitions of the word "web" is: anything carefully contrived and elaborately put together or woven by the mind, imagination, etc. ~ Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

What can you imagine then create using the magical power of your web, as Charlotte did?

The term *magician, in my definition is someone who performs illusions for entertainment purposes. Here, Mr. Hughes' defines a magician as one who performs magic.