The Magik of Florida Water

Florida Water, a "cologne" manufactured by Murray and Lanman has a long history as a solution for a variety of issues. First manufactured commercially in 1808, it has been in constant production ever since, which speaks volumes about the quality and popularity of the product.

The name Florida Water has nothing to do with its place of origin. In fact, it's manufactured in New Jersey, and is called Florida Water in reference to the fountain of youth.

Although marketed as a cologne, it is widely used as a substitute for holy water in certain circles. Its use reportedly helps remove heavy vibrations, encourages flow of expression and emotions, and cleanses spaces and items of negative influences.

The exact Murray and Lanman recipe is a closely guarded secret, but many people make their own version of Florida water with orange, vanilla, bergamot, rosemary, lavender, rose, sage, and neroli essential oils. Those oils are known for such spiritual benefits as purification, mood elevation, arousal, enhanced memory, and anxiety relief. Legend has it that Lucille Ball's deathbed request was for her Florida Water.

Florida Water is for external use only. It can be used directly on the skin as an astringent or perfume, for bathing, household cleanser, and air freshener. Many people swear that rubbing it on the temples cures a headache. You can find it at most any botanica shop or online, and it's reasonably priced. The next time you sit down for a creative session, try cleansing yourself and/or your workspace with a small bit of of Florida Water to banish negativity and invite inspiration. I find that it lifts my spirits and clears my mind so that I can focus on positive energies and provides a clean slate for acceptance of new ideas.