Re-Creation with a Twist

Ruggerio Rescuing Angelica, by Gustave Dore

Fairy tales, myths, and legends survive hundreds and thousands of years because they are fascinating stories at their core. The Princess and The Dragon, a generic premise of many such tales generally involves a damsel in distress and a chivalrous hero coming to her rescue. Yes, it's a story that's been told a thousand times. But even such "previously enjoyed" storylines can be retold, given a twist.

For example, what if, as in the Russian film, "I Am Dragon," the damsel falls in love with the dragon and its dark side? Or what such tale could be spun if a knight were captured by a dragon and rescued by a female warrior. What if the knight preferred the company of the dragon?

Take your favorite fairy tale, song, painting, or poem. Turn it upside down, inside out, and give it a twist. You might be surprised with what you re-create.