Gold Dust

According to ancient French legend, in the south of France, little children, the old and infirm, and poor incapable of work elsewhere busied themselves searching rivers for "paillettes d'or," or gold dust.

The dust sparkles in the sunlight but is carried away by the flowing water and easily evades capture.

The gold appears, enlightens and inspires, leaving regret to the seeker whose treasure was not collected. For those who patiently and consistently collect morsels of dust, they can earn enough to live.

So is the creative life. Sparks of inspiration flow through and around us, if we go to the river and carefully collect them. How many artists allow inspiration to escape through their fingers?

Note a smile on the lips of a beloved, the bend of a tree in the wind, a word in a book, or a knowing glance between lovers. Capture these sparks in a journal before they fade. One piece of this dust might not sound like much, but a collection of them could turn to gold.

"Pick up the pieces and go home."