You'll Never Know

Is anything ever really original? In the early 1940s, "You'll Never Know" became a smash hit song, and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for its writers Harry Warren and Mack Jacobs. It's well known in Hollywood circles, however, that both the melody and the lyrics were borrowed from other sources. Even the film, "Hello, Frisco" was adapted from a broadway musical. "My Pal Joey."

"You'll Never Know" has been recorded dozens of times by recording artists from Frank Sinatra to Barbra Steisand to Rod Stewart and beyond. The lyrics by Mack Jacobs were based upon a poem written by Dorothy Fern Norris to her husband who was at war. The music by Hollywood heavyweight Harry Warren, was inspired by a military bugle call.

When and where will your next inspiration appear? You'll never know.