The Midnight Rider

Gregg Allman confessed that songs sometimes came to him in a flash, almost in their entirety. "Midnight Rider" was an example. Legend is that he wrote the song in about an hour in a cabin in Macon, Georgia, which was leased for the purpose of isolation for songwriting. Allman said that it seemed he had little to do with its creation, that it seemed a force stronger than he gave him the song.

Divine intervention is mysterious and difficult to prove. When the source of inspiration directs the spirit to create, the five human senses don't always allow humans to perceive what has taken place.

Countless artists admit that work comes to them in dreams or that an unknown force propels their work. Being ready to receive inspiration because you never know in what form it will appear. Have your tools ready, keep your skills sharp.

The origin of inspiration matters less than the instrument through which it manifests. Some night the midnight rider could visit you. Will you be prepared to catch the midnight rider if it passes through?