Solstice Bay Leaf Burning

The winter solstice is an appropriate time to set intentions in preparation for the return of the sun. One way to do this is by writing your wish(es) on a dried bay leaf, then burning that leaf in a candle, a bonfire, or in a dish. This can be done indoors because the bay leaf smoke is beneficial as an antiseptic and will, therefore, "clear" the air.

The priestess at Delphi would ingest a bay leaf before giving the oracle, and the herb has a long history of association with nobles, poets, and chefs. The bay leaf is powerful in spell work, so it is advised that your intentions be pure and positive.

During Yule, the traditional wishes are for peace, harmony, love, and happiness. You can be more specific in your wish and intent, if desired to wish for increased inspiration, creativity, or focus.

After the leaf has burned, cast it to the wind or bury it so that it can return to the earth.