The Garden of Genius

"On that hill the greatest apostle stood on the intellectual summit of the world. Around him lay the city whose architectural magnificence and intellectual glory have never been equaled by any other city of ancient or modern times. Before him rose the Acropolis, crowded with temples and statues, of which the chief glory was the far-famed Parthenon, "built as if by giants, yet finished like a jewel," the very ruins of which are still the world's most precious architectural possession. Over the whole scene lay the splendor of upwards of a thousand years of history replete with immortal names and illustrious deeds.

Here, Paul stood face to face with philosophers, poets, rhetoricians, orators, who were of the race that had given the world Homer, Plato, Socrates, Demosthenes, and a host of others that are still the schoolmasters of the world. This historic spot was nature's garden of genius that bloomed into the superbest blossoms of literature and art the world has yet produced. ~J.H. Snowden "Paul on Mars' Hill"