Attune your self.

The ancient solfeggio frequencies are used widely for spiritual, healing, and creative purposes. Gregorian chants and Tibetan singing bowls are tuned to these frequencies and used to aid in meditation.

The six frequencies set energy to perform certain functions. The tones are:

UT 396 Hz Liberates guilt and fear

RE 417 Hz Undoing situations - facilitates change

MI 528 Hz Transformation and miracles

FA 639 Hz Connecting - relationships

SOL 741 Hz Expression - solutions - intuition

LA 852 Hz Return to spiritual order

There are other frequencies frequently used:

174 Hz Removes pain - security - love

285 Hz Activates healing energy

Fibonacci and Pi frequencies, associated with pyramids are:

144Hz - Proportions of great pyramid of Giza

33 Hz - Super consciousness

It's not necessary to completely understand the mechanics of each frequency and their relationship to mathematics and physics; however, an internet search can tell you what you might want to know. Our purpose here is to bring these frequencies to your attention and encourage you to try using them to boost your creativity.

Tones can be utilized in their pure form, layered, or combined with melodic, rhythmic, or nature overtones. Experiment to learn which works best for you for what purpose. If you are a musician, consider incorporating tones to evoke certain responses to your music.